November 21, 2017 - Penang!

Today was definitely a food day.

We started the day late by heading to CY Choy Road Hokkien Mee, which was recommended to us.

Then we grabbed an Uber (3.29 MYR turned into 4 MYR when no one had change) to go up to Jalan Transfer and try “Roti Canai Transfer Road”, where we unknowingly ordered two dishes of roti canai and two dishes of ayam (chicken). The chicken was not as spicy as we thought it’d be, so we managed to eat it.

We realized we were unprepared to eat at hawker stalls, so we brought a pack of serviettes for 1.40 ringgit at a nearby convenience store.

We took a brief walk through the Campbell St Market. Since it was just after noon, the heat and humidity was intense and we did our best to dodge into storefronts for toys and clothing in order to bask in the air conditioning.

We walked to the main set of malls in Penang, near Komtar (the tall round tower in Penang) where we hid through the hottest part of the day where we browsed phone stores, computer stores, clothing stores, and various restaurants. We didn’t buy anything other than a softserve ice cream while deciding what to do next in the 1st Avenue Mall where they introduced us to FavePay, which allows me to pay by credit card for some restaurants (in addition to collecting rewards). S liked the softserve ice cream - I think it’s mostly just a place with a very Instagram-able product and environment.

We tried to leave the mall, but were unable to due to the rain! So we stuck around in the mall and got Penang Curry Mee and original Cendol from the ‘Penang Road Famous Teochew Cendol’, which was a second location for the original favourite.

Eventually, the rain did subside a bit, so we did some searching for the Billion Stars Express bus stop, that would later take us directly to KL Sentraal. We couldn’t find the stop, but we did find a bus ticket counter which said that a shuttle picks us up from directly in front of the office and we transfer to the bus at another station (presumably Sungai Nibong) which would then take us to the KL Sentraal station. We would need a paper copy of the tickets already printed, and he offered to print them for us whenever we bought the tickets.

The rain had pretty much slowed to a drizzle so we headed back out to some hawker stalls, where we tried Kimberly Street Balacan Fried Chicken (1 chicken drumstick for 3.50 ringgit) and one large soya milk at Kimberley Street Soya Milk. At the soya mlik cart, we learned that yes, it would cost another 50 sen for a cup, as opposed to getting the soya milk into a plastic bag.

We sat at the soya milk cart’s tables for a bit while it rained a bit more, then we walked home to the hotel picking up 2 large jugs of water for 3 ringgit on the way.