Flying China Eastern

China Eastern is an airline based out of mainland China with its primary hub in Shanghai. China Eastern operates direct flights from Toronto and Vancouver to Shanghai and can be used to connect to a number of Asian destinations from Canada/US, generally Japan, Korea, China, India and most countries in southeast Asia at an economical price. China Eastern operates a very new Boeing 777 on its Toronto and Vancouver segments, complete with lie-flat business class seats, in-seat tv entertainment (TV, movies, music, usually with hardcoded Chinese subtitles).

November 9 AND 10, 2017 - Flight Day!

Today was a flight day! All we did was sit on planes! Yay! TTC to Airport (Line 1, Line 2, 192 Rocket) We left late for the airport with very little time to spare, leaving College Station at 1:09 and arriving at 2:19, just an hour and ten minutes before the flight. On the way, we chatted with a friendly operator on Line 2 who had previously worked for Mercedes for 37 years, including 12 years in South Africa before being let go due to restructuring.