Scuba Diving Gear Rundown

We own much of our own gear, because we plan to dive lots and renting is expensive! However, scuba diving is an expensive hobby. Gear is expensive. Flying with gear is expensive. Liveaboards / Dive Cruises are expensive. Here’s what we own, and what we came across during our research. Where I still remember, I’ve also included the dive shop we purchased it from as well as the price.

November 26, 2017 - Male Day!

Food is so expensive at the Male airport! (embed mymaps here) Novina Hotel We started today late because the WiFi was so slow! Running speedtest, I got somwhere between 3 Mbps to dial-up speeds at a tenth of that. We wanted to book some accommodations in Munnar and/or Kochi before we left, so we tried to do the research and booking, but gave up when every page load took a minute.