Buying a Car - Manual Transmission Loss Leaders Still Around in 2018

Despite the rapid disappearance of manual transmission vehicles, it appears that many automakers have decided to keep a loss leader in their stables. And as it usually goes for manual transmission loss leaders, some are sticking around on dealer lots up to a year later presenting an opportunity to negotiate some great deals on top of the cash incentives already offered. For instance, at the time of writing there is a single 2017 Hyundai Elantra (Archive) still sitting around, with about $3,500 in incentives plus a mysterious $1,000 incentive called loyalty service rebate.

Modern SUV Design and Shrinking Sightlines

Modern SUVs look pretty sharp and sleek, don’t you think? They’re a far cry from the boxy and boring SUVs of old - your parents’ or your grandparents’ station wagon. Automakers have discovered that people like driving cool cars (who’d have thought!?) and with SUVs and pickups collectively earning about two thirds of 2017 volume of car sales, it’s no wonder why automakers have been paying attention to SUVs for as long as they have.